Nano Anti-Corrosion Insulation Board



Product Details

▼ The specific advantages are as follows:

1.Any shape: It can provide architects with unlimited creative space, build beautiful and unique architecture, and create perfect visual effects

2.Safe and reliable: all parts are made of steel and can resist strong typhoon attacks

3.Light weight: The load-bearing requirements for the steel structure are reduced, and the construction difficulty is small.

4.Easy to install: easy to install, shorten construction period and save engineering cost.

5.Insulation effect is good: the ultra-high heat reflectivity makes the surface of the product not absorb heat, even if it is not hot in the summer the temperature inside the building is lowered by 6-8 degrees.

6.acid and alkali resistance, strong corrosion resistance: save a lot of manpower and material costs for high-pollution enterprises

7.high self-cleaning: anti-static function, smooth surface without frequent cleaning

8.Environmentally friendly: Surface embossing makes the product no light pollution and reduces noise performance is good: Flame igniting, insulated, flame retardant resistance: applicable in the range of minus -20 ℃ to 100 ℃

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